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Healthspan Medical Consultation and Coaching System

One-on-one consultation with Dr. Hurst

  • Your health, weight, and longevity goals
  • Your habits and choices that impact your health, weight, and longevity
  • Your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, metabolic disease, and a shortened life
  • Your current medications and supplements
  • Your laboratory, imaging, and other medical testing data that can include body composition and fitness data
  • One Fit-3D scan per year (additional scans $35 per scan)
  • A personalized and comprehensive approach to optimizing your blood pressure, weight (body composition), blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.
  • A detailed plan on how nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, avoiding toxins, and staying connected can help you achieve your health, weight, and longevity goals.
  • Recommend and prescribe medication and supplements to optimize your health.
  • Referral to experts when appropriate.

Ongoing, connected care through our Healthspan Coaching System

An initial virtual (video or phone) consult with your Healthspan coach to review your goals outlined with Dr. Hurst and create your personalized Healthspan System

Regular check-ins and virtual visits with your Healthspan coach to review your progress, answer your questions, and adjust your Healthspan plan to create the systems that best fit your goals:

  • Nutrition System
  • Activity System
  • Stress Management System
  • Sleep System
  • Toxin Avoidance System
  • Connection System

A free weight scale that connects to the cell network. No technology needed – just insert batteries and weigh yourself and the information is shared with your Healthspan team.

Unlimited messaging access to Dr. Hurst, your personal health coach, and your team

 Access to the Healthspan app that provides easy, daily tracking of your progress (in less than 60 seconds) and is shared with your Healthspan team.

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Longevity Master Program

Annual membership $7,200

The Longevity Master Program is for those who want the best out of life – who want to feel great, look great, avoid disease, and live as long – and as well – as possible. 

It is an exciting time for those of us who want to extend our Healthspan. Billions of dollars are being invested to discover the secrets for extending Healthspan – and outstanding scientists throughout the world are making exciting discoveries. The pace of discovery in longevity has been compared to the famous Moore’s Law of a doubling of computation power every 2 years. 

The future of longevity is bright indeed. There are a lot of promising developments for medications and supplements for longevity (such as rapamycin, metformin, NAD precursors, SGLT2 inhibotors, GLP-1 agonists, among many others), genetics, stem cells, tissue regeneration, the power of mindset, and the advances for previously untreatable deadly diseases like cancer, dementia, heart disease, stroke, is astonishing.

However, sorting through the promising developments from the bogus claims and false promises is challenging – especially without an expert guide. The list of procedures, supplements, medications, devices, and tools that exaggerate the benefits and gloss over the risks is overwhelming – and growing rapidly.

In the Longevity Master Program, you will have direct access to Dr. Hurst as your Healthspan Guide to develop your cutting-edge approach to longevity to help you analyze the potential benefits and risks of different strategies to accomplish your health and longevity goals.

In addition to the Healthspan Medical Consultation, you will get:

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Regular check-ins with Dr. Hurst.

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Once a month phone, video, or in-person visits with Dr. Hurst to discuss your Healthspan plan and system.

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An aggressive comprehensive, and personalized assessment and system to prevent, treat, and reverse heart disease, cancer, dementia, and stroke.

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If you are in Arizona, up to (2) DEXA scans per year for body composition with interpretation by Dr. Hurst.

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If you are in Arizona, up to (2) VO2 tests for fitness assessment with interpretation by Dr. Hurst.

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The Healthspan Coaching Program - Included if covered by your insurance (the Healthspan Coaching Program is covered by most insurance if you are in Arizona for the consultation). There is a self-pay option if your insurance doesn’t cover the program.

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Discussion of risk and benefits, recommendations and prescriptions if indicated for longevity medications and supplements to include:


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Advanced testing for cholesterol and metabolism when indicated.

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Continuous glucose monitor and interpretation by Dr. Hurst.

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Whole body MRI imaging - with a discussion of risks and benefits - and interpretation of results with Dr. Hurst.

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A virtual personal trainer – Six 30-minute one-on-one visits with a highly trained personal trainer to create your activity and strength training program tailored to your specific needs

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Trudiagnostics DNA methylation test with interpretation by Dr. Hurst.

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CT coronary angiogram - with a discussion of risks and benefits - and interpretation of results with Dr. Hurst.

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