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Patient Reviews

"You have provided the blueprint to guide me to take charge of my habits have all changed for the better."
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Geri Cavanagh
“The system is very easy and painless to follow. We have both changed some life habits, and after 60 days, have lost some weight and some inches. I’m a fan."
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David Van DenBurgh
"I have tried many other diets and training programs in the past with temporary success, but this time it feels more permanent. The program has made me more mindful of my habits and it's been easier to stick with."
man with glasses smiling
John B.
"I now do the following: walk in the park, play golf and go to the range…help my wife around the house… and stationary bike… The program is very effective. It has worked for others. I already have lost a little weight and feel better."
Old Man in glasses smiling
Louis Mastrioanni
"Dr. Hurst as a clinician and Rielyn as a coach have the ability to be 100% present for me, and listen to me - they are the ones getting me through to this other side literally or virtually holding my hand. I have had the fortune of working with a lot of clinicians and coaches in the past in a professional capacity and this by far is the best that I have seen."
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Mark W.
“My cardiologist actually accused me of substituting a skinny vegan for taking my blood work because my diabetic numbers and my cholesterol numbers were in such normal ranges!”
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Jamie Rassmussen
"Afib and the associated anxiety were limiting me and gradually dreams of extensive travel in my upcoming retirement dwindled...I just got back from a week's vacation. It was the first trip in well over a year due to Covid and my reluctance to traveling too far from the comfort of my medical professionals. I was 6 hours from home but forgot to worry about AFIB. I felt strong, healthy and confident and almost never checked my heart rate, EKG or other worrying. We walked in the woods on 300 acres each day and even went horseback riding. I feel liberated and grateful."
Kid with his smiling grandfather
Jamie Schorr
"I am over 70, overweight, and was not doing enough exercise. I learned that my body was older than my actual age, which no one likes to hear. …I have stepped up my exercise, and on the diet front. Dr. Hurst and his team have been tremendous, helping me to do the things that I should be doing. I would highly recommend them for you to improve your overall health.”
Old Man in suit with glasses smiling
Martin Galbut
"I was getting a shirt out of the dresser this morning and I happened to look up and see myself in the mirror. I was shocked! I never look at myself in the mirror. I have a waist again. I actually have a shape as well as getting in shape by exercise!"
Happy smiling woman with her daughter
"Their approach was very flexible, with new solutions offered at every obstacle. A versatile, comprehensive and personalized tailored plan of action was created for me, shifting as needed with my needs and busy lifestyle. I saw immediate quick improvement in my sugars and cholesterol levels as soon as we started."
Happy family looking in camera
"For the first time in many years I actually put in a small garden plot! I have lots of tomatoes for canning this fall, peppers, cantaloupe and cucumbers. I planted some cherry tomatoes in large containers so that I can just walk outside the house and pick one or two when I want a snack. I also planted some petunias just because I like them. If you recall this was one of the things on my list that I wanted to do again. Thank you Rielyn and Dr. Hurst for helping me on my road to recovery."
Aged man in glasses with his wife smiling
"They have helped me overcome my main issue with my lack of energy... and I saw quick improvement in my sugars and cholesterol levels. They made it happen no matter what!"
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Physician Testimonials

“I always wondered how to define a “good doctor”. Does knowledge of the most modern advancement enough? Is a caring attitude the right quality and perfect metric? Does empathy supersede them all? You know someone when you interact with them for several years. Besides gathering knowledge, Dr. Todd Hurst and I have taken care of patients together for more than ten years. I have not only seen the qualities mentioned above but experienced them firsthand. He is up to date on preventive cardiology, and I rely on him for his state-of-the-art knowledge. There is no more sympathetic and engaged physician than Dr. Todd Hurst regarding his patients. I miss him at Mayo, but he is helping many outside of the confines of Mayo with several innovative and novel ways of enhancing the quality of life and prolonging it to the fullest extent. I would be glad to seek care from Dr. Todd Hurst any day.”
Komandoor Srivathson, MD
Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory & Consultant, Division of Heart Rhythm Services for the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Mayo Clinic, Arizona Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
“Dr Todd Hurst is a top-notch cardiologist whose expertise has extended the lives of my patients. With his focus on disease prevention and collaboration with both myself and my patients, Dr Hurst has been a valuable consultant. I highly recommend his HealthspanMD program to make lifestyle changes to promote vital health and longevity.”
Connie Mariano, MD, FACP
Former White House Physician Founder, Center for Executive Medicine Scottsdale, AZ
“Dr Todd Hurst is amongst the best preventive cardiologists in the country. He is a compassionate, dedicated cardiologist who is motivated on improve health of individuals. He partners with his patients to make evidence based changes that translate into improved cardiovascular health and outcomes. I trust him with my patients, my family and myself. I was fortunate to at one time hire him and get to work along side with him. Dr. Hurst is a master of preventive health, whose passion for what he does is always clearly demonstrated to the people around him- be that the healthcare team or his patients.”
Martha Gulati, MD, MS, FACC, FAHA, FASPC, FESC
Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center, Smidt Heart Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Hurst for a number or years, and hold him in the highest regard as a leading preventative cardiologist and physician-scientist. Dr. Hurst combines key tenets of evidence-based medical practice with practical advice and insights gained from years of experience to improve the lives of his patients, and is now applying this same expertise to counseling his clients with HealthspanMD. Beyond Dr. Hurst’s impeccable clinical acumen and academic achievements, he is quite simply a wonderful person….not just a trusted colleague, but also the preventive cardiologist I have referred to care for members of my own family and friends.”
Michael Morris MD
Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology and Medicine Banner University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
“It is an honor to express my support of Dr. Todd Hurst in his practice in cardiovascular health and prevention. Todd has always been a leader in preventative medicine and cardiology. It has been his passion for many years. He truly is an expert in the field. I have consulted him on numerous occasions both for my patients and my family members. On a personal level, Todd is a delightful person who practices kind, compassionate and comprehensive medicine. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and disseminate with anyone who is lucky enough to meet with him.”
Susan Wilansky, MD
Professor of Medicine Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science Senior Associate Dean, Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Hurst as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend for nearly a decade. He is extremely knowledgeable, truly compassionate and dedicated to patient care. Having trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, he is an expert in the field of cardiology. He is passionate about preventing heart disease by modifying risk factors. He is heavily invested in partnering with his patients to focus on adopting heart healthy behaviors. His unique perspective on cardiovascular risk management and his health coach program can be an excellent choice for many patients that are looking to improve their overall health."
Azar Mehdizadeh, MD, FACC
Assistant Professor, Creighton University, School of Medicine (Phoenix Campus) Co-director Echocardiography Laboratory, Valleywise Medical Center

We could tell you about our patients’ excellent care, but we know that they can do a much better job. Below we’ve provided a selection of statements from our patients speaking about their positive experience with us.