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Healthcare the Way It’s Supposed to Be

Early in my cardiology training, I wanted to be an interventional cardiologist. I enjoyed the cath lab and the immediate gratification of “fixing” artery blockages.

But that all changed when I read research showing more than 90% of heart disease and strokes were preventable. And that by controlling the risk factors for heart disease, people could live an additional 12 or more years.

I was stunned! This meant most of the suffering and early death I saw every day as a cardiologist was preventable. My life and career were changed.


I knew I had found my purpose.

When I joined Mayo Clinic – Arizona as a consultant, I founded the Heart Health and Performance Program. This was a unique program – every patient not only saw me, but they also saw a dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Patients LOVED the program. But there was a problem.


Most weren’t getting healthier.

These patients were getting the right information about nutrition and physical activity. They were getting cutting-edge medications, tests, and procedures. They knew WHAT to do. And they weren’t getting healthier.  What I learned was they needed more than WHAT to do.


They needed to know HOW to do it. 

I’ve spent the last 15 years learning how to give my patients WHAT they need to do and HOW to achieve their health, weight, and longevity goals.


The result is HealthspanMD™.

HealthspanMD™ is a personalized, comprehensive, and connected model of healthcare that partners my patients with my team and me to help them avoid a life of chronic illness that ends too soon.

Today, the biggest problem in healthcare is chronic diseases like high blood pressure, unhealthy weight, prediabetes, and diabetes – what doctors call cardiometabolic disease. These diseases affect more than half of us and are the primary drivers for the leading causes of death – heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia. 

HealthspanMD™ exists to provide healthcare the way it’s supposed to be so our patients can feel younger and live the lives they are meant to have.

If you want to minimize your medications, time spent in doctor’s offices and hospitals, and get the best chance to get free from a shortened life burdened by chronic illness and disease, you’re in the right place.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about how you can partner with us to achieve your health, weight, and longevity goals.

Robert Todd Hurst

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