Many of my patients who want to improve their health will say, “I need to lose weight.” And they’re wrong.


Weight Loss Won’t Make You Healthier. Here’s Why.

Look, I get it. The idea we need to lose weight to get healthier is ingrained in us. I fell for the same thing. When I wanted to get healthier in the past, I thought I needed to lose weight. 

What I realize now is the “I need to lose weight” approach set me up to fail, and likely it’s doing the same for you.

Let me tell you why improving your health – what I call increasing your Healthspan – is the proven strategy for lasting weight loss.


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Weight isn’t the most important measure of health.

When it comes to getting healthier, your weight is pretty far down the list of what is important. Much more important are things like:

  • How much physical activity you do
  • The quality of the food you eat and how much 
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol numbers
  • Blood sugar numbers

Now, you may argue weight loss can improve your health numbers, and that’s true. 

But here’s the big problem. By focusing on weight loss to get healthier, you are setting yourself up to fail. 


Weight loss programs are dead. Or should be dead. 

For almost everyone, a weight loss strategy doesn’t work. 

The usual story is you follow a highly restrictive diet, and you lose weight. But you feel deprived, and when you start eating again, you gain the weight back. 

And you blame yourself for not having the willpower to stick with it. 

Then you try it again, because you don’t know there is a better way.

Research tells us more than 80% of people regain their lost weight on the typical weight loss program. 

How much more evidence do we need to decide the concept of weight loss is broken?


Let me tell you about the proven approach to lasting weight loss…

If you have failed weight loss strategies in the past, it wasn’t you who failed,


The truth is they failed you. 

But there is a better way. A proven way to lasting weight loss. 

The big idea here is we’ve had it backwards. We think we need to lose weight to get healthier. 

But what works is to get healthier to lose weight. 

How do I know? Let’s start with the research evidence. The National Weight Control Registry is a study of over 10,000 people who lost on average 66 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years. 

If anyone knows how to lose weight, it’s this group. How did they do it? 

They got healthier. They got more active. They ate better quality food in the right amount for them. They increased their Healthspan.

But don’t take my word for it. If you want more proof increasing your Healthspan is the proven strategy for lasting weight loss, do what I did. 

Ask every person you know who has lost weight and kept it off, how they did it. 

I started this over 10 years ago with my patients who lost weight and kept it off. I still do it today even though I know what they will say before they say it. 

There won’t be any magic diet or crazy exercise routine. They will say in their own words, they got healthier. 

They increased their Healthspan.

This simple shift that sounds so subtle will change the foundation of your approach to your weight and your health.

Just ask anyone who has done it.

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