Are you interested in learning more about the best treatment for Afib? If so, you’re smart because research tells us getting the best treatment can increase the chances of being free of Afib by up to 1,100%.


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You’re familiar with Afib meds and ablation.

And those are important, but here’s the big thing to know.

Afib meds and ablation aren’t enough to get the best treatment for Afib.

I’m a cardiologist who spent over 20 years at the Mayo Clinic, and I’ve taken care of thousands of people with Afib. I used to be frustrated the only thing I could offer my patients who failed Afib ablation or medication was…more ablation and medication. 

But when I read the research showing people who get the best treatment for Afib had an 11 times increase in being free of Afib compared to meds and ablation alone, I knew I needed to let people know.


What is the best treatment for Afib? 

Well, it probably won’t surprise you. The best treatment for Afib includes meds and ablation when indicated, but to get the best chance of being free of Afib; you also have to treat the causes of Afib.

Many would call this common sense, but it is not just my opinion. The top Afib experts in the world give their strongest recommendation to treating the causes of Afib.

And here’s the best part. Treating the causes of Afib not only dramatically increases the chances of being free of Afib, but it also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia, and even early death. 

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