The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss

If you have Afib, you may be familiar with treatment options such as medications and ablation procedures. But you may not have heard of another treatment option that research shows can be remarkably effective.

Hi I’m Dr. Hurst. Today I want to discuss the remarkable benefits of weight loss, and better health, as a treatment of Afib and how you could lower your risk of recurrent Afib by 10 times, that’s 1,000 percent.


Research-proven effective Afib treatment

This research-proven effective treatment for Afib is weight loss.

Research studies have shown that weight loss can lead to a remarkable improvement in recurrent Afib rates, but many patients are not aware of this information.

The latest Afib management guidelines from the American Heart Association give a Class I recommendation (useful and effective) for weight loss for overweight people with Afib.

As a cardiologist, I realized that the biggest opportunity to help my patients improve their health — and their Afib — was not by prescribing more medications or procedures. Those certainly can have their role, but the bigger opportunity is to help people improve their health and achieve lasting weight loss It’s been my purpose and my mission ever since and Afib Solution is the result of what I and our team have learned in last 10 years.

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If you’re cynical about weight loss programs, it’s understandable.

Medical research studies have generally shown that 80% or more of people will regain their lost weight within a year or two. But I will tell you that lasting weight loss is not only possible, there is only one way to do it.

HealthspanMD is built on the only way that works in the long run.

  • Focused on your better health.
  • Grounded in the best medical science
  • Simple — what to eat, how to be active, the importance of sleep and stress management, you will understand how to achieve your goals
  • Helps you stick with your plan. We provide the support, encouragement and accountability to keep you on track.

So, if you have Afib and your weight is higher than you would like, you’re in the right place.

We are here to provide you with an evidence based, effective program that will provide the tools and support you need to achieve lasting weight loss, better health and give you the best chance to remain free of Afib in the future.

The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss The Remarkable Benefits of Weight Loss 

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