Quit Wasting Time and Money on Weight Loss Programs That Don’t Work

If you haven’t been able to lose weight, you’re not alone. Over 100 million people in the US try to lose weight each year, spending more than $85 billion on weight-loss products.

And hardly anyone is successful. 

Even the most optimistic research shows more than 80% of those who lose weight regain their lost weight within a year or two.  And some are even worse. Another study found only 1 in 210 overweight men and 1 in 124 women could achieve a normal weight. In the same study, only 12% of men and 14% of women even reached a 5% weight loss.


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You likely agree. We don’t need any more evidence that weight loss programs are dead.

As a cardiologist, I commonly hear from my patients how frustrated they are with their weight. And I get it. I also struggled at one time with my weight and my health. 

In the beginning, I did what everyone else does. I started and stopped diets, joined a gym I went to regularly – for about a month, and not surprisingly, I didn’t lose weight.

I remember feeling like a failure. Despite over a decade of medical training in one of the world’s leading programs, I didn’t know how to lose weight or get myself healthy. And I certainly didn’t know how to help my patients who were struggling either.  Nobody seemed to have answers that made sense.

Until I started asking the people who have always taught me the most. My patients.

I asked every patient who lost weight and kept it off how they did it. I wanted to discover their secret. Did they know something the rest of us don’t know? Well, it turns out they did. And the surprising thing was how remarkably similar every person’s story was. And, how simple. Virtually every one of them said they achieved lasting weight loss the same way.  The point is weight loss programs will fail you. But the proven path to lasting weight loss is already known.


The Proven Path to Lasting Weight Loss

The critically important thing I learned from these successful patients is this – we’ve had it backward. For years we’ve been told we need to lose weight to get healthier. But it’s just the opposite.

The proven path to lasting weight loss is to get healthier. 

Every patient of mine who lost weight and kept it off told me the same strategy. They got healthier, and the weight loss followed. They got more active. They ate better quality food in lower amounts. They fixed their sleep or stress issues. 

And they lost the weight for good.

While every person’s path to lasting weight loss is slightly different, the fundamentals don’t change. I you don’t believe me, do what I did. Ask anyone who has lost weight and kept it off how they did it. And if they didn’t have bariatric surgery, they won’t tell you about a magic supplement they heard about on Dr. Oz or some crazy diet that helped them. 

They will say in their own words, they got healthier. 


When what works isn’t enough

I know what you’re probably thinking. Sure, that makes sense, but it’s not easy to get healthier in today’s world. And you’re right. More than 60% of us now suffer from high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, unhealthy weight, and similar lifestyle-related illnesses. 

The numbers are increasing at epidemic levels, and for the first time in decades, lifespan is declining.  The CDC tells us our longest lifespan occurred in 2014 at 78.9 years. It has dropped every year since. And it is undoubtedly going to be worse during COVID.

Getting healthier – what I call increasing your Healthspan – has never been more critical. If you would like to learn our simple ten-part framework on how to increase your Healthspan and the proven path to lasting weight loss…

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