On the surface, a “natural” treatment for atrial fibrillation, also known as Afib, is attractive. We all know that medications and procedures have risks, and natural treatments seem more gentle and less risky.


However, there’s a problem with the “natural” treatments that are often promoted. Many of them are bogus claims made by supplement companies or those selling supplements that have no scientific evidence of benefit. 


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As a physician who has spent my career learning how to help people get well or stay well, it’s disappointing to me when companies and individuals recommend unproven, ineffective, and sometimes dangerous therapies, especially for health problems and diseases for which there are already proven therapies. 

I understand the frustration for those looking for a natural cure for their Afib. It is difficult  to sort through so much misinformation. That’s why I want to talk about a natural therapy for Afib that is proven to work. In fact, it is remarkably effective.

The natural cure for Afib is not a supplement, but something that is truly natural. Namely, better health and healthy weight loss. 

Several studies have shown those who are overweight with Afib who lose 10% of their body weight (for example, a 200-pound person would need to lose 20 pounds to achieve 10% weight loss), dramatically lower their risk for future episodes of Afib. In one study called the CARDIO-FIT trial, those who lost 10% of their body weight and improved their fitness had only a 6% chance of having recurrent Afib in 4 years. Those who did not lose weight or get more fit were 66% likely to have recurrent Afib. That’s a ten times difference. 

The data for weight loss as a treatment for Afib is so compelling that the latest Afib management guidelines now have a class I recommendation for weight loss for those with Afib who are overweight. 

This is good news for those who are looking for a real natural treatment for Afib. While it’s not as easy as taking a supplement, unlike the supplements, it actually works.

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