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Our greatest joy is watching our clients
get free from Afib

But it’s more than that. They overcame the fear of Afib, got their health back, their youth back, and started living a life that they love again. To be clear, they all worked very hard, followed our strategies to the letter, invested in themselves, and overcame multiple challenges - but if you’re ready to COMMIT to getting your health back, doing the work, and following our proven strategies, you can dramatically improve your chances of getting free from Afib also.


Support For People Ready to Beat Heart Disease & Afib

We are specifically focused on the best treatment for Afib OUTSIDE of the doctor’s office - TREATING the CAUSES OF Afib - LASTING WEIGHT LOSS - and GREAT HEALTH.


see what our clients are saying

What is it you want to do that Afib has taken away from you? Whether it’s to travel, garden, play sports, spend more time with kids and grandkids, or all of the above, it is very important to us that 100% of our clients are successful at getting back to what they love AND reaching their weight loss goals

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Before I joined the Healthspan program I had plenty of time to…

Worry about my health, check my pulse again and again, avoid leaving my home in fear of being too far from my cardiologist, avoid sports and exercise (it made my heart beat fast and concerned me that it would lead to AFib), and think depressing thoughts about all the things I wouldn’t be able to do in my future when I retired.

Since becoming a part of this program, I have spent my time this way:

Playing tennis (again, finally!), going kayaking for the first time, doing at least 30 minutes of exercise almost every day, going on vacations and enjoying them, spending time with my grandkids, looking forward to every day and grateful for what I have. And NO MORE AFib."

Jamie Schorr

President of Cezanne Recruiting

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"I’m doing great! You have provided a blueprint to guide me to take charge of my health, not only a diet but the concept that exercise and movement is so important. I am more aware of my eating and exercise habits as they have all changed for the better. Having me check in every day makes me accountable not only to myself but to you and the program. Thank you for the opportunity!"

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Geri Cavanaugh, Benefactor,Cavanaugh Heart Center

My wife Jo and I found the program very helpful and informative. The staff is great, and the system is very easy and painless to follow.

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David VanDenburgh CEO, American Fence

I was offered ablation for my AFib by two different doctors, but I wasn’t excited about the idea. One of the doctors recommended Dr. Hurst, who told me that weight loss could be an effective way to treat Afib. I lost 9% of my body weight and 5 inches around my waist. Most importantly, I have had no episodes of Afib."

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John Barnes Vice President, Investment Services
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