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Metabolic Syndrome

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Metabolic syndrome – also known as cardiometabolic disease – is a group of conditions that often go together, that dramatically increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia. Metabolic syndrome is increasing at epidemic levels and now affects almost 40% of adults in the United States. Over 88 % of adults in the US have at least one sign of metabolic syndrome.

How To Know if You Have Metabolic Syndrome 

You have metabolic syndrome when you have any 3 of the following five conditions:

  1. Elevated fasting blood glucose > 100 mg/dl or on drug treatment for elevated blood glucose
  2. Low HDL cholesterol < 40 mg/dl in men, <  50 mg/dl in women
  3. Elevated blood triglycerides > 150 mg/dl or on drug treatment for elevated triglycerides
  4. Increased waist circumference  >  40 inches in men, or > 35 inches in women
  5. Elevated blood pressure >  130/85 mmHg or on drug treatment for hypertension

What Can You Do if You Have Metabolic Syndrome?

If you have metabolic syndrome, the goal is to improve your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and decrease your abdominal fat to normal levels. The 7 most powerful tools to treat – and potentially reverse – metabolic syndrome are:

  1. Healthy nutrition
  2. Regular physical activity
  3. Avoid toxins such as tobacco and excess alcohol
  4. Restorative sleep
  5. Manage stress
  6. Stay connected – socially and to your purpose
  7. Medications when needed

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Dr. Robert Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, FASE  has extensive experience in treating patients who want the best treatment to lower the risk of complications of metabolic syndrome and get the best chance to reverse metabolic syndrome. He established HealthspanMD™ to help patients live long, healthy, and vital lives. He brings over 25 years of experience at respected institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the Banner Heart Institute. With over 50 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 educational presentations, he continues to be active in advancing heart health and providing leading-edge care for his patients.

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