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It is an exciting time for those who want to increase their longevity and extend their Healthspan. Billions of dollars are being invested to discover the secrets of antiaging therapies and strategies – and outstanding scientists worldwide are making exciting discoveries. The pace of discovery in longevity has been compared to the famous Moore’s Law of doubling computation power every two years. 

With so many promising developments for medications and supplements for longevity (such as rapamycin, metformin, NAD precursors, SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP-1 agonists, among many others), genetics, stem cells, tissue regeneration, the power of mindset, and the advances for previously untreatable deadly diseases like cancer, dementia, heart disease, stroke, the future of longevity is bright indeed.

However, sorting through the truly promising developments from the bogus claims and false promises is challenging – especially without an expert guide. The list of procedures, supplements, medications, devices, and tools that exaggerate the benefits and gloss over the risks is overwhelming – and multiplying.

Contact Our Team at HealthspanMD™ in Phoenix, Arizona for Your Expert Guide for Longevity and Antiaging

To help those seeking an expert guide to help understand the benefits and risks of therapies and strategies for longevity, Dr. Hurst has created the Longevity Master Program.

The Longevity Master Program is for those who want the best out of life – who want to feel great, look great, avoid disease, and live as long – and as well – as possible. 

In the Longevity Master Program, you will have direct access and regular contact with Dr. Hurst as your Healthspan Guide to develop your cutting-edge approach to longevity and accomplish your health and longevity goals.

If you seek an expert guide for your longevity strategy, it’s time to speak to our team. Dr. Hurst specializes in helping people lower their risk of heart disease, stroke, atrial fibrillation, kidney disease, dementia, and early death – and increase their longevity. Reach out to us to arrange your Longevity Master Program consultation today!

Dr. Robert Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, FASE, has extensive experience in guiding people on their longevity strategies. He established HealthspanMD™ to help patients live long, healthy, and vital lives. He brings over 25 years of experience at respected institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the Banner Heart Institute. With over 50 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 educational presentations, he continues to be active in advancing heart health and providing leading-edge care for his patients.

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