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Forge Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Dr. Hurst has spent many years looking for the right personal training partner that views fitness through the same lens he does. Forge provides HealthspanMD clients with a highly customized online personal training coaching experience that is fun and truly personalized. Whether you are experienced in the gym, or have never worked out or are in the middle -- Forge will meet you where you are at. They will create specialized workouts for you based on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


Meet one-on-one via video chat with a Forge Personal Trainer for 6 half-hour sessions over 90-day period. Coaching sessions are every other week.

Have convenient and direct access to your coach through the in-app messenger system, so you are always connected.

Reap the benefits of collaboration between your Healthspan Coach, Dr. Hurst, and your personal Forge Fitness Coach- all dedicated to you achieving your health and longevity goals.

Enjoy the one-on-one attention and direct access to your coach for support, education, and carefully constructed workouts throughout your Healthspan journey to maximize your results.

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Locally sourced | Intentional and organic ingredients | Delicious and fresh | Prepared by James Beard Winning Chef Robert McGrath & Chef/Maddox Lane Owner, Amber Wilson

Message from Dr. Hurst:

I am truly excited to recommend the incredible meals from Maddox Lane to our Arizona-based clients who are interested in delicious, Mediterranean-inspired, nutritious, and convenient meal delivery.

As an integrative cardiologist, I know how critically important nutrition is to our health. I also know firsthand the challenges of finding the energy and time, along with having the skill to create healthy and tasty meals at home. With this in mind, I have tried over a dozen meal delivery programs over the years and none have ever come close to the quality and taste of Maddox Lane.

The extensive variety of options is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the next week’s menu unveils and every meal I’ve had has been nothing short of consistently delicious. If you think amazing tasting food can’t also be good for your health, prepare to be proven wrong!

Many of our clients benefit from removing the stress of meal planning when they are already adjusting to making new lifestyle changes as part of their Healthspan10 goals.