Why a Weight Loss Program Won’t Lower Your Risk From COVID

We’ve all heard the news that being overweight increases the risk of critical illness and, even death, from COVID. Here’s what you can do. No time to read but still want to benefit?  Watch the video here. Whether this is because of being overweight or because those who are overweight are likely to have conditions such as […]

The Proven Strategy to Lasting Weight Loss

Quit Wasting Time and Money on Weight Loss Programs That Don’t Work Healthspan: The Key to Living a Long Life You Love and Lasting Weight Loss If you haven’t been able to lose weight, you’re not alone. Over 100 million people in the US try to lose weight each year, spending more than $85 billion on […]

80% of Heart Disease is Preventable. Why don’t we all know how?

If you’re concerned about heart disease – for you or your loved ones – you’re right to be. And if you’re not, you probably should be. Don’t have time to read it all? Listen here. As a cardiologist, I’m concerned also. The numbers are numbing. You likely know heart disease is the leading cause of […]

All the Medical Experts Agree…

If you have a chronic illness, you’re not alone. Six out of ten adults in the US have at least one chronic illness like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unhealthy weight, heart disease, and many others. Don’t have time to read it all? Listen here. If you’re one of them or have loved ones who […]

Weight Loss Programs Are Dead

Weight Loss Won’t Make You Healthier. Here’s Why. Many of my patients who want to improve their health will say, “I need to lose weight.” And they’re wrong. Don’t have time to read it all? Listen here. Look, I get it. The idea we need to lose weight to get healthier is ingrained in us. […]

Think You Need a Stress Test? Maybe not.

Don’t have time to read it all? Listen here. If you are wondering if you should have a stress test, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions I get from my patients. You may be surprised that the answer has changed over the years. And what you need to know is […]

The Natural Treatment for Afib that Actually Works

Don’t have the time to read? Listen here! On the surface, a “natural” treatment for atrial fibrillation, also known as Afib, is attractive. We all know that medications and procedures have risks, and natural treatments seem more gentle and less risky. However, there’s a problem with the “natural” treatments that are often promoted. Many of […]

Relying on Healthcare to Keep You Healthy, May Cost You Your Life

Improve your health without the hassle of the healthcare system. Many say that healthcare is broken, but I disagree. In fact, I would say that healthcare is exceptional at doing what it is designed to do – what it is paid to do. And that is to save your life if you are sick. But […]

Not All Blocked Heart Arteries Should Be Fixed. Here’s Why.

Don’t have time to read? Watch the video here. If you think heart artery blockages should be fixed, you’re not alone. For years, cardiologists also thought if we can open a blocked artery with a stent or a balloon, we should.  It makes sense, but in some cases, it’s wrong. Let me explain. Doug is […]

Your General Health Questions Answered!

Don’t have time to read? Watch the video here! You asked, Dr. Hurst answered! Here are the top seven general health questions and answers about your day to day life.  1. Plant-based meat alternatives – like Beyond Burgers – have become very popular. But compared to red meat, are they actually healthier for our heart?  […]