All the Medical Experts Agree

If you have a chronic illness, you’re not alone. Six out of ten adults in the US have at least one chronic illness like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unhealthy weight, heart disease, and many others.

If you’re one of them or have loved ones who are, the problem is, you’re probably not getting the best care for your illness.


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The guidelines say…

At medical conferences, or when doctors get together to discuss the best way to treat a patient, a common phrase you will hear is, “The guidelines say…”

There are guidelines developed and written by experts worldwide on the best, evidence-based way to treat patients for hundreds of medical conditions. So, when doctors are debating the best treatment for a particular patient, they will justify their recommendation by saying, “The guidelines say…”

The point is the guidelines are taken seriously. They aren’t rules, but they provide a framework for excellent patient care. 

However, there is one area where the guidelines give their strongest possible recommendation, yet hardly any patient is getting effective treatment. 

And the area is lifestyle change, sometimes called behavior modification. 

The experts know from quality research that physical activity, healthy nutrition, adequate sleep, avoiding toxins such as smoking and excess alcohol are not only great for preventing disease, they are also very effective treatments for many of the most common diseases. 

There are over 40 different guidelines that give their strongest possible recommendation for lifestyle change. 

And yet, hardly anyone in healthcare is doing it.

The result is an incredibly expensive and ineffective healthcare system that is great at treating acute illness but failing the majority of their patients. 

And you, and your loved ones, are paying the price.

My team and I feel people deserve the best care for their health. This is why I started the Healthspan program to combine medical expertise with proven strategies for a lifestyle approach to chronic health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and unhealthy weight. 

So people like you can live a long, healthy life you love.

All the Medical Experts Agree All the Medical Experts Agree All the Medical Experts Agree All the Medical Experts Agree All the Medical Experts Agree All the Medical Experts Agree 

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